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Scoliosis Specialists Brisbane are dedicated to pioneering the way with clinically-proven and evidence-based treatment options for patients diagnosed with Scoliosis. Our practice treats all types of scoliosis and paediatric spinal conditions, including idiopathic, neuromuscular and congenital scoliosis, as well as adult scoliosis. We aim to provide patients with an exceptional level of understanding, care and compassion throughout their patient journey.

Associate Professor Dr Rob Labrom is a leading Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in Scoliosis and Spinal Surgery. Through emerging evidence-based treatments and support options, Dr Labrom is dedicated to transferring clinical knowledge to both patients and doctors. Dr Labrom is a proud member of the highly regarded QCOS Spine and QCOS Orthopaedic groups based at The Wesley Hospital, Brisbane.

Associate Professor Dr Rob Labrom
Associate Professor Dr Rob Labrom

Your patient journey

Welcome to our practice, you will be guided through your patient journey with care, support and compassion. We will work with you to determine the optimal treatment based on your individual patient needs.

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Scoliosis treatments

Scoliosis Specialists provide clinically proven scoliosis treatment options for children and adults suffering from scoliosis. Treatments encompass observation & monitoring, non-surgical techniques of physical therapy & bracing, and surgical treatments for the most severe of cases.

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Australia’s pre-eminent Scoliosis Specialists provide an exceptional level of care and support throughout the patient’s diagnosis, treatment options and beyond.

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Every scoliosis patient is different. It is important to individualise every treatment program for this very reason. Although it is tempting, try not to compare your scoliosis care journey with someone else. Your treatment pathway is unique to you.

Dr Robert Labrom

Understanding scoliosis

Scoliosis is a disorder that causes an abnormal curve of the spine. People with scoliosis may develop additional curves to either side of the body, with the bones of the spine twisting to form a “C” or an “S” shape in the spine.

Scoliosis can be seen at any age but it is most common in those over about 10 years of age. Scoliosis does not just affect children and teens. Adult Scoliosis can be a degenerative condition or a result of untreated pre-existing scoliosis conditions.

Dr Labrom is one of only a handful of Australian spinal surgeons who are full active members of the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS), an international organisation of specialists who dedicate their practice to the care of scoliosis.