Understanding Scoliosis

Latest research

can spinal deformities be prevented

Sowula, Pawel, Izatt, Maree T., Labrom, Robert D., Askin, Geoffrey N., & Little, J. Paige (2018) Progression of sagittal plane deformity and axial vertebral rotation in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis using MRI. In Freeman,...

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what does not cause scoliosis

Little, J. Paige, Rayward, Lionel, Izatt, Maree T., Pearcy, Mark J., Green, Daniel, Labrom, Robert D., & Askin, Geoffrey N. (2018) Predicting sagittal plane profile using 3D surface photography of the spine. In Adelaide...

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what causes scoliosis and what are the types of scoliosis

Askin, Geoffrey N., Izatt, Maree T., Labrom, Robert D., & Adam, Clayton J. (2017) Is spine flexibility maintained with the use of Semi-Constrained Growing Rods for early onset scoliosis in children? In 52nd Annual Scoliosis...

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